Typhoon Rammasun

Typhoon Rammasun

Typhoon Rammasan made landfall in the Philippines on July 15, plowing its way across the island of Luzon, where many of Elevita's artisans are located. 10 days after the disaster, Elevita entrepreneur Florita Escandor was finally ablt to send an image of Elevita's capiz workshop. 

As devastating as the photo may appear, miraculously, the expensive capiz firing oven was undamaged, and the artisans have been working quickly to rebuild and fill orders. 

Sadly, the home of Rosalia Doloires, one of Elevita's palm leaf artisans, was completely destroyed. The home was a makeshift dwelling hastily constructed by Rosalia's family after escaping destruction from Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. 

This is an image of Rosalia's daughters in front of their home before it was destroyed by Ramassun. Thankfully, everyone in the family is safe, and with the help of advance orders from Elevita, they have started once more to rebuild their home and their lives. 

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