Coconut Charcoal Soap Cooperative

Coconut Charcoal Soap Cooperative

Long-time Elevita artisan Irene Elechicon in the Philippines describes herself as a "Community Organizer." When back-to-back typhoons brought devastation to her area, she found a way to teach locals to make jewelry that they could sell on Elevita's website to fund the repairs. And when she learned the art of making soap from coconut charcoal, she gathered some local families most in need to help with the new enterprise. Now her endeavors have blossomed into an agricultural cooperative that blesses the lives of many. By offering one of the very first sales channels for this amazing soap, Elevita's support has been instrumental in the development of this cooperative. Recently Irene wrote, "Thank you for being a part of how our soap evolved... Because you first inspired me. You trusted me to keep innovating. Salamat from the bottom of my heart."

Artisans share the soap making process.

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