Generations of Artistry

Generations of Artistry

Frank and Maxima Cajumban family are the heads of a very large and talented family.  They are dedicated to helping provide a meaningful livelihood for their growing clan by preserving cultural traditions through woodcarving and painting.

Frank began by carving ornate figures for traditional nativity scenes in his small workshop. Many of his pieces are available here. His artistic legacy has now been passed on to sons, daughters, in-laws, and now grandchildren. 

Margarita (Magie) is their youngest daughter and a very gifted painter. Ever since she was old enough to hold a brush she has been trying her skills with a paint set.

Magie's specialty is capturing traditional scenes of the colorful Philippine countryside with her unique textured style. It is a beautiful way to preserve the legacy of her homeland!

As a self-taught artist, Magie has been featured in national art shows and her skills continue to flourish with time. In her spare time, Magie paints pegdolls for the custom Elevita orders her family receives. She welcomes commissions!

The Cajumban's son Francis has followed the tradition of woodcarving in his own family. Francis and his wife Hazel work hard to create unique wood products while simultaneously giving employment opportunities to others in need in their community.

Hazel has become quite the businesswoman, managing the marketing and design aspect of the work, while Francis focuses on the artistic execution of the original carvings. During the busy season, their children help as well, by putting finishing touches on ornaments and packaging products.

Hazel also uses her creative skills as she works to continue her education in agricultural studies, so that she can do even more to contribute to the sustainable growth of her community. 

Franklin Cajumban, Frank and Maxima's son, has also continued the family story of artistry through painting. He has an energetic style, and in addition to solo works, has been recognized in several art competitions in the Philippines.

Franklin's images of koi ponds are some of his most remarkable. To purchase original artwork, email

Elevita orders have been a vital lifeline of support to the Cajumban family--often the only resource for essential family needs like food, fuel, and transportation. This has been a beautiful partnership for over a decade, and one that can continue for generations!

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