More on Why We Do What We Do

More on Why We Do What We Do

Today one of our bead artisans, Louela Nalzaro, went to the internet cafe in her village to send Elevita the following message:

"we had a very rainy day today due to the super typhoon but we are so blessed and lucky that our place is not the center of the super typhoon..but we still experiencing heavy rain that last night we started putting sea sand in the sack to prevent the water coming in inside the house..
i want to say thank you very much for your help, i will say this over and 0ver again because i was so happy that i was able to send my children to school without depending others to help me..and because of the elevita i have plenty of changes in our lives, before i was so dependent in my mothers help, since the father of my children was not supporting them..but now..i was the one helping my sibling and my mother, and other people who need help.I was so glad for the opportunity given to me to help others in a small and honest way..        

Yesterday, after i get the money, and after i set aside the tuition fee of my daughter for this month, then i went to the grocery store, i bought milk for the whole family,1 kilo of pork and 1 kilo of are very expensive because of the weather so i bought pork and chicken, vegetables and biscuits for the children..i also give my mother money to buy for rice..sorry if i tell you but i was just so happy again..
        And most of all i bought a christmas tree! its a white christmas tree, our first christmas tree ever..and everyone are so excited..after we hang christmas decor and put lights around it,we just sat there in front of our christmas tree for hours, admiring really true..we set up the christmas tree at 6 pm, we sat around it then later we eat dinner then we all gather around then we just stare at it and feeling sooooooo happy! we sleep past midnight...and when we woke up early today, my brother then lighted the christmas tree..and we all so excited..while me doing the house chores would take a look at the tree and giggle i feel like a small child! 
        Thank you Elevita! ..That was a very memorable night we had..:)"
It is not uncommon for Elevita to receive messages like these, which highlight the importance of what we do, and also the ripple effect our efforts have within villages and communities.  A big thanks to all our customers for continued support!
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